"London's Best Personal Trainer" Time Out Magazine 2010 & Class Recommended By The Sunday Telegraph January & Healthy Magazine April 2010

Marianne has created a series of all new Boxing & Boxing based fitness classes for women.

Whilst some of these women's only classes are for beginners and intermediates please don't go thinking this is just another 'wimpy' boxercise class like those at the local fitness clubs, these are the real deal and incorporate various aspects of the 'Concrete Jungle' conditioning techniques as used by Professional Boxing's 'Trainer of the Year' Nazeem Richardson when preparing his famous charges such as Bernard 'The Executioner' Hopkins, 'Sugar' Shane Mosley, Steve 'USS' Cunningham etc. for championship honours

The ladies boxing and boxing fitness classes are one hour in duration and are held at: South London (Tokei Gym - Monday at 6pm), North London (The Boxing Clinic - Tuesday & Thursday at 6.30pm), Central London (Ringtone - Wednesday at 6.30pm) and East London (Ultrachem TKO Gym - Firday (Boxing Skills) at 6pm and (Boxing Fitness) at 2pm.

Serious conditioning and cardio work are combined with real boxing based technique sessions to improve fitness levels as well as sculpt and tone your figure fast. If you too want a toned body like the 'Golden Girl' this is the quickest, most effective way of achieving it outside of Marianne's intensive One-2-One conditioning sessions.

Locations (Maps on Contact page) & Class Times

NORTH LONDON - Tuesday & Thursday 6.30pm
Location: The Boxing Clinic, 29 St Alban's Place, London N1 0NX
Nearest tube/mainline station - Angel (Tube) - Essex Road (Mainline)

CENTRAL - NORTH WEST LONDON - Wednesday 6.30pm
Location: Ringtone Gym, 141-153 Drummond Street, London NW1 2PB
Nearest tube/mainline station - Euston (Tube & Mainline)

SOUTH LONDON - Monday 6.00pm
Location: Tokei Gym, 28 Magdalen Street, London SE1 2EN
Nearest tube/mainline station - London Bridge (Tube & Mainline)

EAST LONDON - Friday (Boxing Skills) 6.00pm & Saturday 2.00pm
Location: TKO Ultrachem Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson St. Canning Town, London E16 4SA
Nearest tube station - Canning Town (Tube & DLR)

Class Details: Beginners & Intermediate: Cost: £10 per class
For further information or to book a session please call 07960 850645

As Featured, And Recommended, by The Sunday Telegraph.

Sunday Telegraph journalist, Amy Bryant, started taking part in Marianne’s boxing based fitness classes for research into an article she was preparing for the Stella New Year Health and Fitness Special edition.

Not only does Amy highly recommend the classes in the article but has enjoyed them, and the benefits of them, so much so that she still regularly takes part in the classes even though her research is complete!

Amy wrote: “Boxing might sound brutal, but the training is highly disiplined - there are no cauliflower ears, or even bruises. My women-only class kicked off with five minutes of skipping to get the heart pumping. Next there was gruelling circuit of press-ups, burpees and star jumps, then it was gloves on. We learnt how to hold our fists, adopt the correct stance and throw a series of punches at a bag or sparring partner.

The process is focused but not aggressive, the aim being to get your body moving more sharply. We finished sweaty and exhausted every session, but always invigorated. Going once a week for twelve weeks I lost the padding from my hips and aquired toned arms, abdomen and calves, whilst an intense one-to-one session improved my balance and power.

Suits people who want a demanding group workout

Best for Arms, chest and abs”

Further information or to book a session please call 07960 850645

As Featured, And Recommended, by Healthy Magazine.

Hannah Fox tries Boxing - Healthy Magazine April 2010 issue

"I’ve done boxing moves in a number of aerobics workouts, but always wanted to try the real thing, with proper gloves, boxing rings and the ding of the bell for each round. The interest in boxing for women has increased recently, thanks in part to the Hollywood factor (Hilary Swank won an Oscar for the boxing film Million Dollar Baby, but also because from 2012 women’s boxing will be an official Olympic event for the first time ever.

The gym is tucked under the arches of London Bridge and it’s how I imagined a traditional boxing gym - gritty, sweaty, with hip hop blaring from an old stereo.

The gym runs a women’s boxing class, which works on improving your boxing fitness and teaches you how to throw genuine punches. We started off by climbing into the ring and doing some warm-up jogging to get our heart rates going. We then pulled on our boxing gloves and got into pairs. Our boxing teacher, Marianne, taught us the basic punches - jabs, hooks, straight punches and uppercuts.

We also learnt how to make defensive moves to fend off the punches so we could do proper sparring (although it was very gentle taps as opposed to proper hits). After that, we worked on the boxing bags, punching as fast as we could for 30-second bursts wile ducking and diving around the bag.

My arms felt like lead by the end of it and, as Marianne had warned, the next day I ached all over, including my legs, stomach, back and bum.

Boxing is a great all-over workout - it felt good to leave my stresses in a punchbag."

Further information or to book a session please call 07960 850645

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